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Teach The Teachers

Working in high performing organization enable the easy learning of new concepts, platform for innovative ideas and lateral thinking to its top key employees. These guys who are successful in their current carrier wants to contribute back thier knowledge to our society. This talented team is designing and consolidating the various best practices and methods on effective ways of "learn and teach" and conduct various workshops to group of 15+ teachers from rural who intern pass this knowledge to 150+ students in rural. Partnering with Good Neighbours India - NGO, these sessions are well organized and everyone worked together to make the solid positive impact to the teachers community.

Design of courses:
  • ✔ Removing Fear
  • ✔ Brining Confidence
  • ✔ Creating Exposure
  • ✔ Making Practice
  • ✔ Motivate to do the Best

Core People Involved
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Dr. Sankara Narayanan
Coach and Social Influencer
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Raja Vishnu
Subject Specialist
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Subject Specialist
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Brain Technniques
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Gerlin Henry
Concept and Program Design
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Soundar Raj C
Sponsor and Social Influencer
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Mohan Rao
Good Neighbours India

Activities: Teach the Teacher

Session 05

  • Another Great session from Swanand on explaining new memory techniques to the teachers.
  • The session started by creating stage for teachers to explain their current issues in English and listed down the major contributors.
  • Swanand made the live demo of using some of the memory technique and created the curiosity to the teachers to learn the memory techniques.
  • Brijesh was actively translating into kanada on the requirement basis to make them understand the techniques lively and easily.
  • The teachers practiced with Swanand and Brijesh on two exercises.
  • Teachers were very happy to learn these techniques and plan to simulate in their schools.

Session 04 : Another great session from Vishnu

Helping teachers to learn concepts and tricks
Teachers are very actively started speaking / practicing
Appreciating and Motivating teachers performance by giving free laptop bags

Session 03

Workshop by Dhanashree Giten on various methods and Tools
Best practices are practiced in the school and children getting benefits

Session 02

  • Mrs.Dhanashree Giten is certified Montessori teacher for Pre-Primary & Primary (age group 2.5 to 9 years) school who conducted the workshop with rural teachers by introducing the methods and tools like apparatus for Word Building / vocabulary / reading with sounds and Grammar.
  • The session was well received by teachers and they were happy about learning new things.
  • Vishnu continued with core English part and set of exercise with teachers and again the feedback was very positive and teachers are eager to attend the next session.

Session 01

  • Vishnu is covering "Core English and Best Practices".
  • Brijesh is covering "Brining confident and Removal of Fear".
  • Gerlin Hendry, created the platform for best people to contribute thier knowledge.

Response after session: